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Timber Products

We are one of the largest timber manufacturers in Kenya with a specialty in hardwood, softwood, and wood panels. In addition, we manufacture a wide range of wood products with a focus on decorative wood panels featuring beautiful wood works. From environmental stewardship to cost-effective wood product solutions, SEL Company defines choice, quality and sustainability....

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Building Stones

Our belief in building strong structures inform our need as Sarma Enterprises Limited to supply good quality building stones which are free from cavities, cracks, and resistant to the effects of weather. Our stones are strong, with a crushing strength of greater than 1000 Kg/Sq.cm. In addition, we ensure that our stones are uniform in color and free from clay holes, spots and other color bands.

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River Sand

Sarma Enterprises Limited’s clean river sand is sourced in its purest of forms making it suitable for all your construction needs, whether you are using it for building, sand paving, gardening or making playgrounds for kids. Our sand is free from impurities, well graded with angular grains, and free of any organic matter.

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SEL supplies best quality ballast to our customers at the most reasonable prices. Made from natural rock crushed to a suitable size i.e. 28mm and 50mm in diameter, our ballast is strong, hard-wearing, and workable. In order to maintain consistency of quality, we ensure that only hard materials which are non-degradable and wet proof are used.

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